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There are nights when the siberians are silent and only the moon howls !!!


374739 10200296293144774 923540827 nI am  Costas H’Stephanou and i live in a small village Yeri, before Nicosia, capital of a beautiful Mediterranean island  Cyprus. I get to know Siberian Husky on 2003 when i decided to buy my own dog in start of a new way of my life. My first Siberian became a member of my  family from the very first moment i brought him home.

Life with a Siberian is many things together. Is the morning wake up as the sun rises, is the goodbye when you are leaving the house and is the welcome when you return home after a tiring day at work.

We are not a big kennel because we prefer personal contact with our dogs. We were thinking long time about starting the breeding because we wanted to use varied but high quality and standard dogs in our breeding. Dogs are our hobby, not a job. We breed Siberians for pleasure and we have all day contact with them. Every small success is a part of happy breed mosaic. Every failure means motivation for us and we are thinking about reasons of this failure. 

What does “Lycoria” means? Lycoria, in Latin, means the “Wolf Cry”. As you know Siberians have a special way to communicate, they do not bark but they howl.

We thing that “Beauty is not enough” that’s why we want to breed especially this magnificent dogs for they’re character. We do not breed for money but we breed for love